Evidence of Mercy

by Terri Blackstock

I picked up this book during a recent vacation in North Carolina. Though I wouldn’t categorize the story as anything particularly noteworthy, it was an entertaining read.

Evidence of Mercy centers on the story of Lynda Barrett, a lawyer whose life gets shaken when someone sabotages her plane and attempts to take her life. Jake Stevens, a perpetual bachelor enjoying the good life, has a rude awakening when he becomes also becomes a victim in the crash.

While I sometimes struggle with the unrealistic plot developments (Despite warnings from the nurses on staff, Lynda manages to wheel herself through the hospital, up the elevator, and into Jake’s ICU room just a day after she’s wounded in the crash, for example), I did enjoy the overall story. It unfolds at a nice pace, with a nice combination of action and personal character development to keep the reader interested.

Not really a mystery, I think Evidence of Mercy could be better described as a combination of light suspense and romance. If you enjoy that type of story, I think you’ll find this an enjoyable book.

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