The Church Ladies

by Lisa Samson

Samson delivers again in this engaging story of Poppy Fraser, a reluctant preacher’s wife who’s struggling to hold herself and her family together.

This story doesn’t boast clever plot twists or fast-paced action; It unwinds at a slow and steady pace–like one of the many walks Poppy takes to gather her thoughts throughout the book. As she grapples with the guilt of a past affair and the pain of an increasingly estranged daughter, Poppy resents the pressures and expectations of being a preacher’s wife. While she constantly entertains the notion of running away from it all, Poppy’s real relief comes in an unexpected place: A group of minister’s wives who begin prayer meetings when Poppy’s best friend loses her son in an accident. These “church ladies” influence Poppy’s faith journey and as she does some difficult soul-searching, she eventually learns to embrace the grace she so desperately needs.

When I see Samson’s name on the cover of a book, I’ve come to expect two things: beautiful prose that captures the raw emotion of her characters and a story that has a hopeful heart. It’s not for the action-junkie crowd, but if you don’t mind a quiet pace, you’ll enjoy Poppy’s story.

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