by Ray Blackston

Have any beach trips planned in the next few months? If so, this is a perfect vacation read. I thorougly enjoyed the tongue-in-cheek tone as the author relates the story of Jay Jarvis, the new guy in town who decides to start attending church to meet girls.

Of course, Jay’s not the only one in this story who’s looking to the church for true love: The girls he encounters have already developed an extensive e-mail network for rating area churches based on their bachelor potentials.

Filled with quirky characters, an easy-going plot, and a refreshingly honest perspective on singles in the church, this book begs to be read from a lounge chair in the ocean breeze. But even if you aren’t planning any treks to the ocean, you’ll find it an entertaining read. So slip on your flip-flops (yes–even if it’s only 20 degrees outside!), grab a cup of lemonade, and pick up a copy of this book for a relaxing afternoon.

Follow-up note: If you enjoy Flabbergasted, you’ll be happy to know that Ray Blackston wrote two additional titles for the series. I’ll give you a short description of each below:

A Delirious Summer follows the story of Neil Rucker, a single, South American missionary who desperately wants to find a date. A furlough in Greenville, SC (site of the spouse-shopping church hoppers in Flabbergasted) seems to hold some promise for his romantic prospects. But soon he finds himself back on the mission field as he and his new Greenville friends head to Ecuador on a mission to rebuild a burned-out village. Another engaging story about friends, faith, and the search for love from Blackston.

In Lost in Rooville, Jay Jarvis and his buddy Steve take an Outback adventure with their girlfriends. As both guys consider taking the “plunge” into marriage, they begin searching for the perfect moment to propose. But their trip Down Under quickly turns up trouble, with an unexpected detour that leaves one of the couples stranded. Will Jay and Steve be too distracted to fulfill their knee-dropping, question-popping goals?