by Don Freeman, illustrations by Lisa McCue

I loved reading Corduroy books when I was young, so naturally, I was drawn to this board book depicting the friendly little bear with charming illustrations. It’s a large, shaped board book, which sets it apart from all the standard-sized books we own, and my son seems to enjoy looking at the pictures every time we pull it out together.

Though the pictures are nicely done, the text is pretty generic, using brief sentences to describe Corduroy’s actions throughout the day. (“Corduroy reads his favorite books.” “Corduroy is mailing a letter.”) But since the illustrations satisfy my sentimental attachment to this overalls-clad bear, I can forgive the lackluster story. All in all, it’s a nice book to introduce Corduroy to a small child.

One special note about this book: We also own Corduroy’s Day, a counting book about Corduroy. However, many of the illustrations in the Corduroy board book are exact copies of those in Corduroy’s Day. So if you already own Corduroy’s Day, you may want to avoid this board book and get a different one from the Corduroy series instead. (There seem to be a vast array of Corduroy board books on the market.)